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Club Items For Sale
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Lower Murray Philatelic Society

The Circuit Book Scheme is run by volunteers of the Philatelic Council of South Australia and is a vehicle for club members to either purchase or sell stamps, Covers, Postcards and other Philatelic material drawing upon the wider collecting network of clubs other than our own.

Buying is easy,

            1 :-       Become a financial member of the club.

            2:-        Attend one of the regular meetings and peruse the books on hand.

            3:-        To make a purchase obtain a purchase sheet from the Circuit Book officer and enter,

                                                                                                (a) Book Number

                                                                                                (b) Page Number

                                                                                                (c) Total value of stamps removed from the sheet

                                                                                                (d) Sign the places where you have removed an item

            4:-        At the end of the meeting or before you leave hand in the completed sheet with the total of your purchases to the Circuit Book                         officer.

Between meetings the books are available on a "rolling list" basis for perusal between meetings in the leisure of their own home. (The person at the head of the list goes to the bottom for the next batch of books the club obtains. The only exception to this is when a member is genuinely unable to attend the meeting due to ill health in which instance that person will head the current list.)

All Payments can be in cash or via EFT from your banking app.


            1:-        You must be a financial member of a club

            2:-        You need to enroll to participate with the Circuit Book Office

            3:-        You need to purchase (via the club) the specialily printed pages for afixing your items to once you have been enrolled

            4:-        Fix your items to the sheets using hinges  / mounts in a neat non destructive manner - Keep wholy within the dashed line area.

                        Remember that the sheets travel far and wide and your items will stay in the books until 50% plus are sold or 2 years - whatever                         occurs  first. So make sure they are secure. The onus is on you!

            5:-        Price your items adjacent or below and tally the row in the column provided, tally this column at the base.

            6:-        Package and submit your sheets with a tally sumary sheet to the club Circuit Book Officer who will convey them to the Circuit Book                         Office on your behalf.

            7:-        Payment is made approximatey 6 monthly and has a small commision deducted that is divided between the club and the Council

If for some reason the sheets for purchase are not with the books download one here or on the blue link in the above text

For Vendors on the scheme you can download a PDF of information and instructions issued by the Circuit Book Office of the SAPC.

Download a Vendor Recording Sheet. (Tally summary mentioned above)