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In September 1937 The 9th NAZI party congress was held at Nuremberg. Dubbed the "Rally of Labour" it focussed on the reduction in unemployment since the NAZI rise to power. This sheet is cancelled at the congress

The stamps are overprinted either side of the portrait "Nurnberg 1937" on the right and "Reichspartietag" at left making it possible to differentiate individual stamps from these sheets

Ironically Nuremberg was the setting of war crime trials at the end of WW2 where many NAZIs were sentenced to death

Issued on 5th April 1937 to commemorate Hitlers 48th Birthday. The text at the base of this sheetlet translates to -

"He who wants to save his people must think heroically"


The same sheetlet but with a commemorative postmark from Nuremberg on the actual date of his birthday


Issued on 10th June 1937 the sheets were issued with a surcharge supposed to be for "Hitlers Culture Fund. This fund was officialy for support of the arts but there is speculation that portions were diverted to more sinister purposes.

Hitler charged the post office royalties for use of his image which helped bolster his personal wealth

Sheets are rouletted to the perforations surrounding the stamps to allow the portion "25pf Including Culture Donation" to be removed with the stamp


The last 2 sheets both have Berlin Cancellations that Commemorate the State visit of Fascist Italian Leader Benito Mussolini to Germany in September of 1937. The two leaders met in Munich and then toured various parts of Germany. They both declared a desire for peace yet Germany was the instigator of WW2 and Italy her major axis partner.

The lower of the 2 sheets is a re-issue of the 1936 Brown Ribbon horse Race sheet with the red overprint marking its fourth running.