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Following on from last month and the Tuberculosis labels from Japan supplied by Trevor, Steve has had a very quick look though his collections and has come up with the following - all to do with Tuberculosis awareness. (no doubt a thematic collector on this topic could fill many pages). Tuberculosis (sometimes called Consumption) is still a leading killer amongst diseases and is mostly prevalent in developing countries mostly due to low vaccination rates. It is spread via the infected person coughing or sneezing and the inalation of infected aerosol droplets by another person.

NEW ZEALAND 1929 -  the very first issue of Health stamps was aimed at eradication of Tuberculosis. Note the Double Barred Cross of Lorraine between the year inscription, this is the symbol used internationally by anti - tuberculosis societies

NETHERLANDS 1946 Child Welfare issue featuring the grandchildren of Queen Wilhemina. The proceeds from the charity tax portion were used for both child welfare and the fight against Tuberculosis

GREECE 1940-50 Stamps were overprinted with inscriptions featuring the Cross of Lorraine and the applied surcharge was directed to "the postal workers anti tuberculosis fund". The examples shown are just a few of approximately 30 types issued for this cause.

WEST GERMANY / BERLIN 1960 This stamp depicts Robert Koch who recieved the 1905 Nobel Prize for Medicine for his work on Tuberculosis. He was the first to ascertain its bacteriological cause and he is honoured on many stamp issued throughout the world for his work

FRANCE 1945 (1946 3f surcharged) Depicting a patient recuperating in a deck chair. The post war periods saw a surge in Tuberculosis cases due to the harsh conditions with poor hygene that many had endured.