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Semi-Postal stampsare ones that have a postal charge plus an additional sum that would go to the nominated cause or charity. These are prevalant in European countries and closer to home New Zealand had their "Health" issues. Often these are purpose printed and issued yearly for the cause, occasioanly they are a surcharge overprinted on regular stamps.

Below are just a few selections showing these and the variety of causes they supported.

France - 1922. Proceeds used to support war orphans. Printed on an earlier issue as a surcharge with a reduction in the amount going to charity

France - 1936. Proceeds used to support "Unemployed Intellectuals"

Federal Republic of Germany - 1955. Proceeds going to "Humanitarian Relief Fund"

Netherlands - 1964. Proceeds to "Child Welfare Fund"

Netherlands - 1970. Proceeds to Netherlands Heart Foundation

Netherlands - 1982. Proceeds to "Cultural, Health and Social Welfare Fund"

Germany - 1991. Proceeds to "Sports Promotion Fund"

New Zealand - 1993. Proceeds to "Childrens Health Camps"  From 1919 health camps were organised by community groups for children at risk of malnutrition and diseases such as tuberculosis. The camps multiplied during the economic depression of the 1930s. A Federation of Health Camps was founded in 1936 and the following year a campaign to establish permanent health camps around the country began.