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Lower Murray Philatelic Society

Spring has sprung so we bring you a selection of mainly floral stamp issues celebrating this time of year. If you are a gardener get inspired to get your hands dirty - and its not just flowers - the vegie plot really kicks off about now. No space? There is always room for a pot on a window sill.

Great Britain issued the set at left as part of the 4 Seasons series during the 1990's

The USA set below shows some typical spring blooms

Germany has many issues on floral themes, The set at left is one of thier regular semi - postal issues for humanitarian relief funds.

Gardening does not pay any recognition to political boundaries or ideologies and DDR have numerous items for a floral related thematic collector.

Canada issued the set below showing public gardens. There is lots of scope as to what you can include.

New Zealand is just one of many countries who have issued stamps showing what is arguably the most popular flowering plant - The rose. A thematic collection purely on rose cultivars is not an unrealistic goal for a collector enthused by these fragrant blooms.

The mini sheet from Australia shown below depicts cultivars developed locally, both exotic and natives.

So what better way is there to add colour to a collection than to add a few flowers to it! (pitty we can not have the scents too!)

If you have no room for a real garden you can always have a virtual one in the form of a garden themed stamp collection!