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Lower Murray Philatelic Society

Congress was held on the weekend of 12 / 13 November 2019 at the Torrens Parade Grounds Drill Hall. In attendance were local and interstate dealers who all appeared to be well patronised. Our club was well represented in the displays and members were rewarded with the following at the presentations made on Saturday afternoon and presented by David Figg -

            Angela was awarded the best thematic trophy for "Chinese New Year" wicch also gained vermeil.

            Dianne achieved three certificates and one medal for "Helicopter mail", "Parachute mail", "1966 change over to decimal currency" (all one             frames) and a 5 frame "The many ways you can use one stamp - the 1c Antarctic stamp"

            Wendy gained a crrtificate for "1952 cachet makers"

            Trevor gained certificates for "The Japanese Occupation of British Borneo" and "Kanji Overprints and for the Japanese occupation of Malaya"             he also got a medal and the trophy for best Traditional Commonwealth Display.

            Grace was awarded the prize for juniors.

Sunday saw more public attendance , the dealers and the auctioning of lots