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Cinderella Stamps are not valid for postage but are printed in stamp format to comemorate an event, as a souveneer item or just for fun. Some charities and service groups often issue them in the form of christmas seals etc as fundraising items. They are collected by many people in their own right as a topic of philately

A "Just for Fun" item from the era of the space race. Obviously designed to cash in on the craze for anything space related with fantasy currency and mail routes depicted

Scouting themed for the 100th anniversary of the birth of its founder and the 50th anniversary of jamborees

Hutt River is a "Micronation" entirely within the borders of Western Australia. Not officially recognised by foreign governments its stamps are not valid on mail travelling outside of its boundaries

Another Micronation Bumbunga - now now longer in existence. This stamp sheetlet is quite obviously based on the "Arms" series of Australia issues in the 1949/50  Again never valid for postage

Pubicity for the 1950 Australian National Philatelic Exhibition held in Melbourne. The 2 at right were issues in the lead up and the sheet below at the exhibition itself - the sheet was also overprinted with the exhibition dates

National Stamp Week for the centenary of the Universal Postal Union. Miniature sheet and imperforate sheetlet. Again not valid for postage and no face value indicated.