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I thought this was interesting enough to buy for a pittance. He said he would return and by the time this was postmarked the US had invaded Morotai and Palau in the Pacific located just below the Philipines only 2 weeks beforehand and the lauching of the actual invasion to retake the Philipines from the occupying Japanese forces was only 3 weeks in the future.

I thought this one was quite strange and a little poignant. The cover has done the rounds trying to find the adressee and finally been returned to sender. To this day it remains unopened and its contents a mystery - and will remain so despite my curiosity.

What happened?

Why has it remained sealed for over 76 years?

How has it survived?

Below are 2 covers that have turned up in circuit books during 2021. Personally, covers are not my thing but the futility of war is and an area of history I find fascinating. So for the token amounts these cost they have gone into my "memorial" dispay honouring the fallen that have allowed for the way of life we enjoy today.

Lest we Forget